This is a collection of some things I’ve worked on that are easily viewable online.If you want to see all my projects please visit my github page or linkedin profile whose links are given at the bottom of every page.

Android Projects

  • Self-Service Android Application - Currently working on this microfinance banking based application as part of my Google Summer of Code project under Mifos Initiative. This application will be used by the customers of Microfinancing institutions of India, Africa, Latin America and various other countries. I am developing this application from scratch by following Model-View-Presenter Architecture. Application will help users to access their bank accounts data, latest transactions, transferring money from one account to another, their profile on the go.

  • HealthGraph EHR - Worked on this application as Android Developer for Bangalore based startup HealthGraph India. This application helps Medical professionals to digitalise patients data, take appointments on the go etc. My work includes providing tablet support for existing mobile application and add additional features for tablet mode itself. Also provided offline support in the application.

  • CricFriends (know called, Cricket with Friends) - Design and developed this application from scratch as part of my summer internship at Indore based startup Mind-e-fy Solutions.This application helps you to find people with similar interest in playing cricket in your nearby locality.

  • Shooting Game - A simple Android Shooting game developed using concepts such as SurfaceView, 2D graphics, CustomViews, AsyncTask etc. in which user can hit the target using small bulles from canon.It also has functionality of background music,special sound effects etc using SoundPool.

  • Counselling Process Mobile Application - This project is created as part of our Software Engineering and Project Management Course. We have created an Android application to make counselling process of our college user-friendly.Target audience for this application is Counselling committee of college as well as Applicant applying for the admission.

Core Java Projects

  • LifeExpectancy Applet - Java Applet to visually identify average life expectancy of various countries around the globe(different color for different life expectancy) on the map of the world with the help of data provided by the World Bank in form of csv file.

  • College Admission Portal - This project consists of admission process from filling of applicant form till counselling in MVC pattern. We have used HTML/CSS with Bootstrap for frontend and JSP/Servelets for connecting database with the frontend.DB2 is used by us as database management system and SQL as our query language.

Core C programming Project

  • Data Validation - Data Validation Project developed in C in which Library of user defined functions is developed for data validation purposes. Various types of checks for the purpose of data validation has been used such as:
    • Data Check
    • Range Check
    • Length Check
    • Fromat Check
    • Consistency Check
    • Check digits
    • Allowed character checks
    • Logic Check

Open Source Contribution

  • Mifos Field Android Client - I have contributed to this projects in the initial phase of my contributions to Mifos Initiative for several months. I have resolved several bugs of this project. Currently I help new contributors to get started with this project and help them in resolving their issues as well.
  • FOSSASIA open event android app - In the recent past I have developed interest in open source community. I have contributed in the android project of FOSSASIA community in the past.
  • openMRS Android Client - openMRS is an open source community creating world’s leading open source enterprise electronic medical record system platform.This is android client of openMRS web app in which I have helped to resolve existing issues.

Technical Content Writing

  • GeeksforGeeks - GeeksForGeeks is one of the largest and most famous website among the programming enthusiasts.I am currently writing about core programming concepts in Java.Some of my work is as follows:
    • Super keyword in Java - In this article I have covered some of the most important concepts of super keyword in java.


  • LaunchBoard - I have initiated this project under the guidance of Startup Oasis (an incubation centre in Jaipur, India) to solve out the issues faced by student entrepreneurs while building their Startups.This also helps in connecting Entrepreneurship Cells of various colleges in and outside Jaipur.