Currently working as Frontend Engineer at LastMinute group.

Preveously worked as Google Summer of Code Intern with Mifos Initiative in 2016 and MIT App Inventor in 2017.

Previously mentored in Google Code In 2016 as part of which, helped kids of age 13-17 to learn about software dev and open source technology and letting them contribute to the open source projects of Mifos Intitiate.

Completed my bachelors in Computer Science at The LNM Institute of Information Technology in 2017.

Hacker by heart, Founded and Directed LNMHacks, headline hackathon of The LNM Institute of Information Technology. Selected for several national and international hackathons such as HackUPC, Junction, HackDartouth etc.

I enjoy writing useful & reusable software code to help others — check out to see open source work. I am an open source evangelist and previously contributed to varuious open source projects from various organisations such as MIT Media Labs, Mifos Initiative, FOSSASIA, etc. For more than 2 years I did a lot of Android development but now I mostly work with the web where JavaScript is my weapon of choice. As part of my day to day work, I work with React heavily.

I am an Entrepreneur by heart and love to innovate new ideas. I love to participate in various hackathons and speak in various technical confrences. Among other things, I enjoy electronic music (in particular House music),travelling (visited around 15 countries in last 2 years), watching political satire, and most importantly hiking in the Bavarian Alps

My LinkedIn profile is a nice place to see what I am upto professionally.


You can reach out to me using my email or any of the social media channels, present at the bottom of every page.