Preveously worked as Google Summer of Code Intern with Mifos Initiative on a project, Self-Service android client, details of which can be found on projects section. Earlier worked for Indian staurtups such as Mind-e-fy solutions and HealthGraph India as Android Developer. I am also a freelancer and worked on freelancing projects in the past for various clients. If you are looking for a freelance mobile developer than feel free to contact.

Currently Mentoring in Google Code In as part of which, helping kids of age 13-17 to learn about software dev and open source technology and letting them contribute to the real world projects of Mifos Intitiate.

Hacker by heart, Founder and Director of LNMHacks, headline hackathon of The LNM Institute of Information Technology. Selected for several national and international hackathons such as HackUPC, Junction, HackDartouth etc. Recently attended Junction Hackathon in Helsinki, Finland in which hackers from more than 60 nationalitites participated.

Selected among 40 participants from Junction to be part of developer week in which we get chance to visit various companies based in Helsinki. Also, at the end of the week we were invited to attend Slush 2016, which is world's leading Entrepreneurship Summit, held in Helsinki, Finland. More than 17,000 entreprenuers participated with several investors and speakers including Founders of Skype, Spotify, Shazam, Tinder, Supercell and many more.

Currently a final year under-graduate student in Computer Science at The LNM Institute of Information Technology, located in the beautiful city of Jaipur, India. Leading Cybros (Computer club of university) by organising various events, taking classes, inviting speakers and many more activities related to the field of Computer Science.

I enjoy writing useful & reusable software code to help others — check out my projects. I am an open source evangelist and continuosly contributinig to varuious open source projects from more than a year. I have contributed to various organisations such as Mifos Initiative, FOSSASIA, OpenMRS . From past one year I am contributing majorly to the android projects of Mifos Initiative.

I am an Entrepreneur by heart and love to innovate new ideas. I love to participate in various hackathons and speak in various technical confrences. Also, I'm addicted to Music (specially EDM), travelling at any given (and non-given) moment, watching standup comedy, and meeting new people :).

The projects page is a nice place to see some of my work, but you can also view my (detailed but somewhat outdated) resume.


You can find my email and social media links at the bottom of every page. As I said, I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to send a message to discuss any idea or started working upon it with me!

I love to speak at various tech confrences and participate in hackathons. Also, I've done some consulting work in Android, general web development, social media marketing so feel free to contact me if you want to discuss something like that.