I am very excited to finally be able to write this post and let everyone know that I have my personal website/blog into the world of internet. I wanted to build a site from past few months but was unable to do so because of several reasons, so in the year 2016, I finally decided to get a domain name and now I have my own website.

Now, why I have been wanting to have a personal blog? Well, I love to read and write blogs a lot and I have been writing casually for past 2 years either on Quora or some other place but I never had a place of my own to showcase what’s been in my mind. Also, it’s a great way to showcase my projects and portfolio.

What I will write in here? Well, this question does not have a definite answer right now but me being an Android Developer means definitely a lot of android content will be here. Also, sometimes I might write about Opensource technology (yeah! I’m in love with the open source from past some time), besides that whatever new technology I work with there will definitely be some stuff about that as well. At last, I might randomly write about travelling (obviously whenever I visit a new place), food(still not sure about that but yeah I love trying different foodie stuff), books that I read (I have started reading some awesome books in the recent past) and some random stuff which happens with me.

Some people might think I have declared myself as an entrepreneur but why? I didn’t mention anything about it. Well, the fact is I am too much into entrepreneurship although I consider myself a very inexperienced guy in this area. So I prefer reading about it but I will definitely write about it as soon as something good comes in my mind.

Lastly, I want to thank Dean Attall for making this wonderful and easy to use theme beautiful-jekyll which helped me and motivated me to build my own personal blog. Dude this is a great theme, being a mobile developer I have minimal knowledge of web development and this theme is super awesome for people like us. Also, I learned a lot during building this blog, especially what awesome things can be done with Markdown.

Finally, I want to end this post by promising myself that I will keep writing amazing stuff in here without being lazy.